Barkly River

Terrence John Hadler - Barkly River
Barkly River

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Barclay River 100cm x 61cm approx. Presents the Barkly River in the Northern Territory with Messmate trees in the foreground.

The Barkly Region, stretching from near the Stuart Highway north of Tennant Creek east to the Queensland border, covers most of the north-eastern corner of the Northern Territory and is named after Sir Henry Barkly (Governor of Victoria) in 1861.

Terrence John Hadler is one of Australia’s finest Artists who has been creating beautiful Australian paintings for more than 30 years. Having grown up in country Australia his works capture the natural beauty of Australia, including historic rural scenes and he paints beautiful gum trees too. His love of the Australian landscape with it's never ending changing colours between dawn and dusk are captured in his work along with the vivacious orange earth colours of outback Australia.

Much of Terry’s work is on canvas fixed to a light timber frame. The painting can easily be removed from the frame, rolled and placed in a shipping tube for easy shipment and reframing.

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